If you have any questions or comments, feel free email me at geebeezy1@gmail.com
Below are some other options for you to connect with me and learn more about the character and series.

Click the image below to check out and like the official Lorreign comic Facebook page.  You'll get some insight into her character, how the book came together and updates on when future issues are available. 

Click the image below to check out and like the "real" Facebook page for my character Lorraine.  If she was a real person, this might be what her page would look like.  It is a collaborative effort between myself and talented model and poet, Tiffany Mariie.  It will serve as a kind of prequel to the comic series since her posts will begin in the past and end where the first book begins.  She'll be posting about her love of martial arts, cooking, stoic philosophy, and life in general.  If you have questions about Lorraine after reading issue one, you might be able to find some answers here.

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