Greetings! My name is Glenn Brewer and I'm a blue-collar worker, illustrator, and comic creator. I graduated with a  BFA in Fine Arts from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Some of the companies I've done work for include: TSR Inc, Visionary Entertainment Studios, New Orleans Tribune, Tygeron Graphics, Graphic Classics, Mythworlde Media, Webway Comics, Aramark, and Unchained Spirit Enterprises, a children’s book publisher.  

Most folks know me for my six-part comic series Askari Hodari, which I wrote, illustrated and published. The project won the Howard E. Day Prize and was nominated in the Best Self-Publisher category for a Glyph Award.

My newest project is a five-part, post-apocalyptic comic series called Lorreign. The story follows restaurant manager Lorraine Williams as she tries to keep herself and a newborn alive as the world literally falls apart around them.

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